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Medium, I think...

I'm the same height but a slightly (1cm) shorter inseam. I ride a medium no problems - it has a 589mm effective top tube. I think we're really in between medium and large (ideally I was looking for a 600mm effective top tube). I prefer to be able to have slightly easier/tighter handling, rather than being stretched out on the large (615mm ETT).

That's how I made my choice, anyway.

Have fun and good luck - I've had 4 Epics already and LOVE them. They are awesome on the XC stuff for which they are designed, and are actually more capable on slightly more aggro stuff as well - more than I would have guessed. I'm not jumping or dropping on my S-Works frames, but on the "base" M4 Epics that I have had, I was impressed with what it could handle. Did some pretty, ummm... interesting, trails in Moab on my first 2003 Epic, zero problems - and that was 90mmin the rear and 80mm up front. With 100mm on both ends now I think I could do even more - but I don't. Now I have a Titus Moto-Lite for that....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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