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Epic Bearing Upgrade kit $300????

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WTF?????. My LBS just quoted me $300 for a specialized epic bearing upgrade kit for an S works 06 Epic.

Speci-Tech if you see this. Is this for real? I can order a enduro set for $40. Whats the difference? Any suggestions out there. Am I missing something or just getting hosed for an extra $260.
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Does price include the removal/installation service? Are you upgrading the bearings to ceramic? Call another local dealer see if its the same price.
This is just kit. $120 for install estimate
$420 for something one can do for perhaps even 10% (or even a bit more, but still in the range)?

For bearings and install? Is this one of those super fancy benz and rolls royce dealers?
To some bike shops.

Sworks = Guy with more money then sense. Buy the enduros they are better anyway
Maybe that was for the bearing kit, and the bolt kit + installation? No way thats right for standard bearings and install....unless they are ceramic bearings. I just priced a kit for my buddies demo 8 at the shop and i think at retail it came out to around 160 for the bearing kit (around $80) and the new hardware kit (around $80).
I recently changed the entire bearing and bolt kit for an '07 Epic for about the same price ($80 bearing kit, $80 bolt kit). The kits have the custom sized washers and bolts that you can't buy anywhere else and since my bearings had seized onto the bolts and the washers were destroyed I had no choice (I ride extremely muddy conditions year round). If you only need to change the bearings I would get any other after market set (i.e. from somewhere like you can get an entire set of bearings for about $40 shipped + labour.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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