ENVE is introducing a new high volume rim specifically designed to take advantage of the new generation of high volume tires.

Video: New ENVE M60 Forty HV and M70 Thirty HV rims

ENVE Sponsorship and Marketing Manager Jake Pantone introduces the new high volume M60 and M70 rims, and sheds a little light on the importance of proper tire pressure.

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ENVE was on hand at Outside Dirt Demo to help riders test a number of different wheelsets and components, including their latest, the new high volume M60.

With a 25mm internal diameter, the rim is 2mm wider than the regular M60, and is optimized for 2.3" to 2.4" tires. They were also displaying a high volume M70 wheelset, which is designed to be paired with the new crop of 2.5" tires that finally becoming available.

Each of these high volume wheelsets is designed to paired with higher volume tires, which allows riders to decrease air pressure, and results in improved traction. In order to help educate riders regarding proper tire pressure volumes, they've now created a portion of their website that offers suggestions for tire pressures based on specific rims and application.

Switching gears from wheels, the brand was also showing off it's new carbon all mountain stem, which is the first of it's kind to be manufactured in the United States. It's available in four increments between 40-80mm and the clamp area is designed around their bars.

ENVE's line of handlebars now includes a flat sweep, riser, DH, and DH high rise bar, as well as an ultra wide Minaar edition. Like the wheelsets, each of these bars have flex profiles, strength, and weight, specifically tuned for their intended applications.

Gallery: ENVE High Volume M60 and M70 Rims, Handlebars and Stems

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