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Entrance to Aliso/Wood from Laguna Canyon

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Can someone tell me where the entrance to Aliso/Wood is from Laguna Canyon Road?
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The only "entrance" is to hike up the trail other oficial or legal entrance to it from Laguna Canyon road.
Would not call in an entrance but there are a number of trails that come of West Ridge to Laguna Canyon Road; Stair Steps and Canyon Acres being the only legal access that I am aware of.

Main entrance is near the corner of Alica Parkway and Aliso Creek Road in Laguna Niguel.

Other entrances Glenwood Road in Aliso Viejo and Alta Laguna Park (Top of the World) Laguna Beach.
I'd suggest Canyon Acres...I think that's the name of the street off Laguna Canyon and you ride back to where it dead ends and the trail starts...its a fire road, but a tough climb. As the previous poster noted, not the best way to start a ride...but if you are already down on Laguna Canyon and don't want to drive around to the entrance, go for it. But if you climb canyon acres then plan on riding down a trail in Aliso, you'll have another significant climb to get back to Canyon Acres...if you're in good shape, its a great workout, but if not, it might kill you. ;)

for the info - not worried about the climbing, just wanted to know how you get into the park from that direction since I can ride down Laguna Canyon from Irvine. Aliso Viejo has grown up so much that it's not an attractive option to go all the way around anymore.

Last time I was riding in that area (there actually used to be a time when you could ride there and not see another soul all day), there were trails off the west side of the ridge, but there was some discussion as to whether or not they were legal back then. However, I see mtbrs riding up the canyon all the time when I'm taking my daughter to school, and it's obvious they're heading into the park, but I never see where they turn to get in. I thought there might be an entrance closer to El Toro Rd - maybe that's the stair steps? Or, maybe that's a not-so-legal entrance.
Hopefully soon there will be another option from Laguna Canyon Road.

The RMP review of the park has apparently been re-started after our meeting with Supervisor Wilson and the HBP Managers last February.

Part of what we are seeking is the proposed trail historically known as "Tollroad or Corridor" that runs from the top of Cholla down to the intersection near Laguna Canyon Road and El Toro Road.

At the meeting, Supervisor did make the commitment to have the RMP process started and completed under his watch, which means it needs to be completed before his current term at 5th District Supervisor is complete.

I believe the process has actually started as over the past two days riding out at Aliso; I have seen the Nature's Image trucks in the park. They are a habit restoration consulting firm, which would be the first logical step in a full RMP review of the park.

For anyone who's interested; the next opportunity to get involved and have the opportunity to voice your opinion on these and other trial issues will be at the May RRTAC meeting at Santiago Oaks. It is my understanding from the last meeting that Kevin Thomas from HBP will be at that meeting, which will give the attendees the opportunity to ask questions directly to the source.

I believe the meeting is on Monday the 23rd, but I will post a notice as soon as I have confirmed that date.

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[ I thought there might be an entrance closer to El Toro Rd - maybe that's the stair steps? Or, maybe that's a not-so-legal entrance.[/QUOTE]

If you're riding in from Irvine, Stairsteps will be the closest legal entrance. Turn off on Phillips road and start climbing. It will eventually take you up close to the top of Rock-it. Canyon Acres is further down the road. It is straight up and will take you up to "Top of the World."
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