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Enterprise South

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Wow!!! Fun trails!

I rode all of the trails today for the first time. There were people everywhere. By the time I left there was barely any parking. All three loops were great fun. I worry about the middle loop, as it was mud mud mud. Ruts were developing everywhere. For half the trail my back tire was slipping all over the place. At first I thought about turning around, but there were so many people out there, really there was no point. (Let the flaming begin, but you would have done the same thing) Needless to say, trying to stay upright in all of that mud was pretty fun. Summer needs to get here fast bc when the middle loop is dry it will be amazing.

Luckily, the other two trails were perfect minus one or two damp spots.

Thanks to Brandon, Taylor, and John (i think?) for letting me tag along the back. Looking back, I think it would be hard to get lost, but when it's your first time somewhere you don't really want to worry about missing a turn somewhere. Thanks guys, it was a blast. Hope you got your bikes clean. Also, do you guys work at a local shop? Just wondering since one of you is a wheel builder...

If you haven't been, you definitely have to check it out. ESNP is awesome! Great job by sorba and all volunteers!
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Agreed on the mud. That's the worst I've seen it out there in my six rides at ESNP. They could've shut the north slope of the middle loop down and rerouted riders to the south side which was actually quite dry. Oh, and WTF is up with the hikers/runners on the bike trails?:confused: There's several miles of nice hiking trails they can use without clogging up the singletrack.:nono: The speed disparity is going to cause some serious bone breaking biker to hiker incursions.:eek:

+1 on the GREAT trails! :thumbsup:

But maybe we could post bike only signs, just to keep the first timers from getting lost on the bike loops.

The few runners I passed we gracious to give me the right of way on the climbs. However one of the older runners complained about getting out of his rhythm because of all the bikers. :madman:

Thanks for all the hard work SORBA!!!
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I rode today and there were only two sections of mud. One was big enough I just walked around it (I really don't like to wash my bike). Traffic wasn't bad either, though, there was still a lot of walmart bikes and people with no helmet. Incredible trails- fast and fun.
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