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Rear derailleur snapped right off a couple of years ago, timing for me was
perfect as Voodoo was nowhere to be seen at that moment.
(Strangely enough that's exactly what happened to my broken newsboy)

Fortunately enough there is just enough metal left in the dropout
to secure the rear hub safely.

39x18 and 180 TA-cranks, 1" kinesis fork, 11/8 voodoo-stem with shim,
syncros ti-post and headset, brooks Swift. titec ti-straight bar and deore brakes
with Avid levers for now. Dropbars and silver machinetech-cantis in a box waiting.

Runs like a dream.

I am indeed the high priest of ti-frame resurrectiuons.

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God bless the ENO hub! With out it, your swanky bike woulda been toast! Or in for a spendy repair job. I agree, slap the drops and canit's on it for a proper 'cross appearance. And then show us again!
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