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ENO Crank Spindle Width/BB for One9/Air9?

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Anyone running White Industries ENO cranks on a newer (73mm BB shell) One9 or Air 9? What bottom bracket did you go with and what spindle width works?

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I have a 73x113 on my ONE9. I will install the crank tomorrow and get a few pictures. It is a White Industries Titanium bottom bracket. I also use that BB on my Mamasita and my El Mariachi. They have been trouble free so far.
I have a 34 tooth on there now, It might work with a 36 tooth but I am not really sure. I will let you know if I ever try a 36. Here are a few pictures.

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Excellent -- Thanks for the info and pics guys!
Any time.

Post some pics if you got them.

dstepper said:
73x113 Phil Wood Square Taper so I can adjust the chainline.

+a lot:thumbsup:

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