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So what seems like an eternity ago Bikesinmud hooked me up with his nearly new Granny Smith Green DW Flux. Super nice guy.

After agreeing the deal and ironing out rip-off currency exchange rates via Paypal (just don't go there....) Bikesinmud packed up the DW link treasure for it's epic voyage over the big blue ocean to the Old Country.

Flux must have been looking forward to making the most of the trip, because it decided to sail here rather than fly and enjoyed a 10 week adventure via Lord-knows-where on its way from Canada to the UK. It must have gone via the North Pole!

It f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and turned out to be a great Christmas pressie to myself. I rapidly threw it together with most of the parts off my TNT Spot and that's the way it'll stay for now, until I figure out what to keep and what to change.

Here are 2 pictures of it - can you tell which picture is in Canada and which is in England?

Yup, you guessed it. For those who've had their eye on UK weather lately, the entire country is covered in white stuff.

I guess my Flux feels like it's home after all!

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wicked flux mate. i've been out for a 3hour ride on my dw flux in the uk whitestuff today (devon)- pretty hard going but the flux kept us rubber side down thankfully. saw one poor bloke who came off his giant nrs and had just broken his hip - nasty. paddling pool by far the more sensible option for this kind of terrain i reckon :eek: :)
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