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Back in november I got engaged and since Jessica got a gift it was suggested that I get a new bike around christmas time. For christmas we were up in western washington, I swung by the drop in zone in bellingham to look for a transition bottlerocket. They had three to choose from and I ended up with the blue bottlerocket. Here are some of the build details...

Fork: RS Lyrix U-turn
Rear Shock: Fox DHX coil
Shifters/Der: Sram x-7/x-9
Cranks: Saint
Brakes: Saint
Wheels: Sun eigthtrack which I will probably swap onto the supermoto
Plus white stem and cool plaid seat

Here are some pictures of the bike minus the stickers which I am going to put on now. And the first place the bike was ridden under a seattle bridge...


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That's a cute bike. But what did you get her?

That'll let us know how good a deal you got.
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