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Enduro Sl 08 sag set up

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When i set my Enduro to the right sag i dont use all the travel is it better to use all the travel or have sag right.
I am 190 pounds
85 psi front (45 psi spike valve) E150 fork
140 psi rear
When it is 80 psi front i use more travel but when it is 90psi feels more plush but only use about 3/4 of the travel. I want to use all the travel and have it plush other wise whats the point having a 150mm travel bike when i`m only using 3/4 of the travel.:madman:
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I think if you do some searching you'll find that a lot of people have reached the same conclusion - set the fork/shock so you are using all the travel regardless of what the sag is. The sag is just a starting point.

I set mine to the point where I use all of the travel on a tough ride. I probably leave 1/2" on the table on most rides.

Not exactly sure why the fork would feel more plush with a higher pressure? Doesn't seem right. Might check to make sure your compression damping is fully open. Do you use the full stroke on the rear? If not, maybe some of your trails just don't require a 6" bike.
Most important thing is that the suspension reacts correctly and efficiently. You should bottom out on your biggest hits, but don't make big sacrifices to the riding performance just to see the o ring climb to the top.
If I had to make a complaint - my sag is about right, I'm using 90% of my travel on most rides, yet if I ride a step down at slow speeds, the front seems to dive quite severely
140 psi rear shock seams low for 190lb rider. Maybe thats causing the balance to be off. I'm about 200lbs and run 95 front 165 rear. With those air pressures there is usually 1/4 to 1/2 of travel left fork and shock. For me and where I ride those settings feel good.

Specialized says the fork spike valve should be set at 55 psi.
All I know is I set my fork and shock up using the spesh on-line instructions every few months and have only ever topped the spike valve up once in nearly two years (53 psi ) and my experiences are thus -
at the end of a GOOD HARD RIDE ,,, the black travel indicator band, that sits round your fork stanction is pushed wayyyyy up - and on mega bike park days its within a centimeter of the upper crowns - while the one on the rear shock gets pushed so far down its nearly falling off the bottom of the shock stanction -
On more "sane" less full on - X.C. type rides, the marker bands dont get moved quite as far - So.... therefore I,m getting ALL my travel while I,m "big hitting" , and as much as I need when I,m not riding like a madman.
How simple do you want it ??
The E150 fork is a simple - easy to live with - easy to set up - hi performance piece of kit , provided you dont get it into your head that you have to endlessly fanny about with spike valves and pressure settings all the time, My advise is dont believe everything you read on forums ...............errr...mmm.....except this bit .

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I second that...people spend way too much time dinking with their suspension...If the bike is performing than why worry....but that air pressure setting you are using on your shock sounds way too low....Im 195 and I run 180 in the how old is your bike?...meaning that if it is new it takes some time for the suspension breaks in...when I first rode my enduro the suspension felt harsh...but after a few rides it started work fine....the video on the website is a starting point....go out on a trail that you ride alot and experiment a little...bring your pump..air up air down...mess with your compression and rebound to find that right balance you are looking for....suspension set up is one giant cant set up suspension to perform fantastic for every situation...ts a trade off...and thats true for all suspension wether it MX or auto racing....before I sold my E150 I ran about 30mm of sag up front and I still run about 19-20mm of sag in the rear and it works fine
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