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Enduro_506 said:
Very nice! I don't like the look of that fender, though.

Also, what did you do to your XTR outer ring? Custom bash ring?
The Marzocchi Fender is just on Tempory, Im not sure if I like it either.
I havent had a chance to take the fork out yet properly, I am looking forward to doing a bit of fettling with it. It has quite abit of adjustment on it.
While on a recent trip to scotland I damaged the outer ring on my XTR, as I am sure most people will confer Shimano chainrings are as durable as cheese.
I replaced the outer with a Middleburn Slick-Shift outer and it is working really well.
A company called Moonhead also make custom Rings for XTR.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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