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enduro: no squeaks in granny ring, big squeaks in middle

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i don't get this at all. the suspension doesn't squeak at all when i'm in the granny ring up front. i can be coasting downhill and switch to the middle ring, just using the minimum pedal strokes to make the switch, and it's squeak city. i am not 100% positive that the suspension is the culprit, but that is where it sounds like it is coming from. once it's squeaking, it will do it while coasting or pedaling, and it squeaks with the bumps in the trail. i'll drop back down to granny, pedaling once to make the change, no more squeak. i've tried some lube, no help. my crank arms aren't loose. what else should i check?

any similar experiences? someone please help me out, it drives me nuts on the trail.

bike specs. 2004 enduro pro frame with all the parts from a 2002 enduro fsr.
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Weird. Does is squeak while in the big ring too? Maybe check your chainring bolts.
i don't know for sure. i'll check tonite. it seems to squeak with the suspension, like if i bounce up and down, it squeaks with the bounce. i'm going to be going over a lot of stuff tonite on the bike, cuz it just needs the attention, maybe i'll figure it out.
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