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Interesting reviews, still subjective so take it for what it is but might help people a little, pity the new Zocchy CR 380 was not part of the test!

Pike is universally loved, that is clear, Sweep was surprising considering another recent review in narly terrain and a longer more in depth test vs Pike came out as good if not better, especially where this review said it was weaker!
Surprised it was lighter as well.

BOS interesting maybe just a bad Monday version, other if temperature is an issue that's not a good start, so have to think this is just a faulty version, be interesting to see the follow up.

Anyways fwiw here's some links if you haven't seen it already, have a gander if it grabs ya and enjoy!

Magazine | Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

Comparative review Sweep vs Pike with Videos too
Video: 27.5 Fork Shootout - RockShox Pike Vs. X-Fusion Sweep | Bike Magic

Be good to see the Sweep maybe get the HLR twin tube damper, dam Veng is so sick.
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