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I ordered up a bearing kit for my 5.5 and when the kit showed, there was a bearing puller tool in the box (from Enduro). it kinda looks like tweezers or something. anyone have an idea how this works?

I have read the diy doc from intense and there was no mention of this tool. -paul

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10mm-25mm ID Bearing Puller

For light-duty bearing removal
(hub bearings, etc.).
Not recommended for
supension bearing removal.

Removes cartridge bearings
with an inner race ID
of 10-25 millimeters.

A large screwdriver can be
used as a punch from the
opposite side (blade placed
in the "fold" of the tool).

A screwdriver can also be used
to form a "T-Handle"
(Allowing the bearing to be
pulled out from the same
side that the puller is
installed from).


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GFisher2001 said:
How effect is that tool on removing Bottom bracket bearings? Any homebrew ideas for removing bottom bracket bearings? (i.e. ideas that don't cost $120?)
I have one of those V-Puller tools that I got with a suspension bearing kit. It wasn't usable for most of the bearings in my kit which, as I recall, had an 8mm I.D. It didn't really matter anyway since I ended up pressing the bearings out. The trick that I use for suspension bearings is to use sockets from my socket set, one for pressing the bearing out, and the other as a receptacle into which the bearing is pressed. Use a bolt, nut and washers in suitable locations for doing the pressing.

I don't think this trick will work though for external bottom bracket bearings. I do have the Enduro BB Puller/Press; it's pretty slick.

Back to the V-Puller... I suppose you could try one, but you'll need to think of a good way of supporting the cup whilst using percussive force to hammer the bearing out. Don't even think about using the bearing again once it's out.
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