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Initial setup report, detailed ride report to come

When I first mounted the fork the frame was set to have head angle of 69.5 degrees (120mm fork and 26" tire diameter). In this setting the angles were way too slacked (I estimate the head angle at around 68 degrees) and my weight was shifted too much towards the rear of the bike. I was not borne with the wheelie gene by any means but I was able to get the front off the ground with very little effort. The front end just felt too underweighted and the steering was a bit slow. I flipped the shock link to the 70.5 degree setting and the head steepened to about 69 degrees. What a difference a few degrees makes. The front wheel is no longer wheelie happy and the steering feels about the same as when I had a 130mm Sherman on the front. The ride position is slightly higher (no precise measurement) then with the Sherman. But this is actually my preference. I broke my neck 15 years ago (vertebrae 3-4-5 are fused together) and I find my neck and shoulders fatigue well before my legs do if I ride in a more aggressive laid out position. For reference the stem is a 110mm Thomson with a 15 degree rise and the bar is an Easton mid-rise carbon monkey bar. Also the bb height is a healthy 13.25 inches (before any sag) and the stand over height is just over 29.25 inches.

The bike as only been setup for three days so far and much of my time (which I did not have much of this week do to a busy work schedule) has been spent doing the usual spring tune up. I plan to ride the rock gardens near my home this week to test to obstacle rollover ability of the 29 inch wheel and to put the Reba through its paces. I will also be riding some tight and steep single track to see how the bike handles in general.
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