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This is my first thread, so i want to say hi to everybody.

I'm from Poland and I'm riding enduro 2010. Actually was riding because of problem with my rear shock (fox float RP2). It doesn't keep pressure, there is a scratch inside the air can. I have send it to fox service but they can't find replacement for the air can. As you probably know it is custom size.
I have done some searchiing and find out that shock is 8,5x2,125 inch
(213x53 mm). Obviously I couldn't find that size in any shop.
So now i have few options

#1 fox service has high volume air can, which can be put on, but it will probably make riding, like sitting on a couch.
#2 buy used shock with that size. which is almost impossible to find
#3 buy new, with similar size and try to fit it, I saw some threads about it but it seams hard to find all required parts. (evo kit)

So there is my question. What would you do ?

cost of #1 is 650 PLN ~200$ (full service and air can replacement)
#2 ? - probably the cheapest
#3 ? most expensive and time consuming
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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