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Just a friendly reminder that Endor - the camp tamarancho flow trail is closed if it rains more than .5 inch.

Tomorrow the NWS predicts heavy rain for the Bay Area. Please don't ride Endor this weekend. There may be a trail day led by Dan Barnes Sunday but I am out of town and so is Jim. Also the tools are no longer on site. So you will have to bring your own.

Thank you so much for working with us. I hope people recognize that the trail builders of Tamarancho are trying to work with the community. I respect those who travel from afar to ride the trail and do my best to reach out to preempt a long drive to find the trail closed. We are the only land managers in Marin County that respect the needs of the off road community and we would appreciate it if you continue to respect us. Giving us a break during a rain means new features for the trail instead of just repairs. So far this year we have added a step up and a tabletop. Also many of the berms were fixed, the radii improved and usually the berm was made steeper and taller. This is a lot of work but we love helping the bike community as long as you continue to help us. Cheers!

Details are always available here and no you don't need to be on Facebook to see the status update of the trail
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