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Schmucker said:
Shoulda hucked it :D
That's my quess too. So Steve, you gonna show us the Ells going boom?

EDIT to add quote from the "limits of xc29er" thread:

dft said:
ha 4 footer, good one! there are SO many things wrong with that pic. 1. no one measures drop size like you, its about a 1.5 -2 foot drop. your seat is all the way up, WTF?.
i rode with aqua today on a 5 hour ride. first time i have visited this forum. i'm the opposite of this thread, i ride a 40 pound 7 inch bike with 8 inch fork everywhere, including 6000 foot climbs, the only bike i got.

ps. drop size is the closest you can land, not how far into the tranny you land.

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Trick Question?

I'd say you both made it.
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