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Endo vs. 2010 Delirium weight

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After seeing that 33 lb 2010 Delirium it really got me thinking. Accordind to the Knolly website the new Delirium weighs 4.2 Kg WITH dhx air and the Endo is 3.2 Kg but that I believe is without shock. My first problem is I a an American and deal in pounds so if i convert correctly, Delirium is 9.24 lbs with shock. I just recieved a powdercoated Endo and without shock it came in at 7 lbs 5 with a dhx air it will be 8 1/2 lbs. That means there is only 3/4 lbs difference!!!
AM I crazy or can someone alot smarter than me prove otherwise?
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Its around 2lbs difference between the Endo with an Rp23 vs Delirium with Dhx-Air.

I had my delirium build up (the one in question) with the same parts and they were just over 2lbs apart. Didn't weigh the frames tho prior to building them up.

They ride so differently that they're almost apples to oranges.
so the Delirium quoted on the website is probably anodized vs. your powder coat, so yea, it's probably a lbs. - pretty standard gap between bike categories.

my med. ano Endorphin was 7.91lbs. with headset cups and no seatpost collar.
Ya, that 33lb Delirium is also for guys who are absolute partwhoreweightweenies. Realistically most will be in the 35lb range. Unless everyone intends to use Ti bolts on your thomson post etc. I know I intend to. Unfortunately I have met PW and his line of thinking is starting to make sense to me.

Ha ha! Another one infected with the weight weenie disease!
well, I got my booster shots!
My Endorphin weighs more than 36lbs!
(Once there are XS Deliriums are available, the parts are going on there:thumbsup: )
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