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I've been loosing my mind trying to pick a full suspension bike. Too many specs, options, etc. A friend told me to look at Santa Cruz so I went to the local bike shop a few months ago wanting to leave with a 5010, but just wasn't feeling the fit. Tried the Tallboy, same feeling. They had a Hightower Carbon which felt nice, but was well past my price point. No knock on the gorgeous Santa Cruz bikes, they just didn't fit me properly.

Top rack, off to the side, was a White Sage Stumpy... my baby! Took it for a ride and it just felt great. Large bike, 6 ft with shoes on.

Went home, did some research, and got even more confused. Fast forward a few months and hundreds of hours of reading, I just couldn't figure out a good reason to not go ST for my trails, and not try a 29er. The Shimano 11 speed was tripping me up vs the NX eagle of the later 2019 comps, but not for any good reason... my old bike is an early 2000 Rockhopper... so its all an upgrade. Gave up on the nitpicking and went on Sunday to pick up the bike that felt best. Glad I did it. The White Sage is so sexy in person - the pics online do it no justice.

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