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enough is enough...

I've gotten stuck in a rut of doing it on my own these past years. My schedule allows me to sneak around riding when the rest of you lot are at work or sleeping but the lone wolf is getting's also hard to push it on my own sometimes so I am looking to meet some new (any) faces on the trails and see some places I have not been yet. I am local to JMP/Dimond area (live in Jingletown by Alameda) and looking to expand my riding roster from the usual rotation of east bay spots mixed with public transit adventures to Fairfax/China Camp area and Waterdog/DMC.

I ride my santa cruz chameleon full time everywhere I can with a mix of trials/urban/all mountain/freeride. I've been really pushing to improve the trials/tricks/jumping aspect of my riding (ever since the chameleon found me)...maybe with 40 approaching fast I figure I only have so much time left to do so! I sold my car a few years back and cannot believe I have not been down to Demo/SC nor up to Rockville since I moved to the bay a decade ago. I used to drive out to Skeggs a bit but its gotten too sanitized compared to the past for me (still good riding tho for an epic XC).

Anyway...I'll be hitting up Dimond/JMP from the bottom to the top and back this Tuesday/Wednesday as soon as I escape the show I am stuck on at the Marriott. Anyone who wants a local tour let me know (more details coming Mon night after the strike). It would be nice to show some folk around where I have so much fun and maybe catch a ride/tour out to Demo/SC or elsewhere sometime. I generally get out by 11am/noon at Dimond park for an urban warmup then up through Dimond Canyon to JMP+ and back along numerous routes/combos. Its anywhere from a 2-5 hour ride depending...I've also got an itch for an epic public transit ferry to Larkspur then ride to Fairfax or hit the backside of China Camp adventure soon if anyone is interested in some knowledge of those areas. Looking to do some night riding as well...I haven't been hitting the dark as much this year...

come play with me
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