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Embracing it.

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Winter's here, snow's on the ground, and most trails (aside from St. G) are buried. I'm looking for trail beta--NOT for dry dirt stuff, but for snowpacked slednecky stuff.

Anyone tuned in to good places to ride a snowbike? Hourlong snowshoe-singletrack loops could be fun, and I'm all ears if anyone knows of some good ones.

But since I'll likely be driving to get to this stuff (from GJ, CO) I'd prefer longish loops if possible.

Overnight (60+ miles) and multi-day stuff is interesting too. Anyone know about Paiute in winter? Ridden by slednecks? What about Paunsagunt, Grandview, or Skyline?

Any suggestions, don't hesitate.


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I'll ask Quentin about stuff in Brain Head... hes taken his pugs up there some... although its a bit of a drive from CO...
Looks more like denial to me. Time to buy a snowboard, maybe even one of those sleds you speak of!

I would take up snowboarding but I don't want to have to tell my parents I'm gay
Pedalfaraway said:
I would take up snowboarding but I don't want to have to tell my parents I'm gay
Not sure what riding (snowboarding) and you being gay have in common, but I'm sure your mom and dad can get over the snowboarding part. As for being a 'sesh (homoseshual)... I cain't help you there, but best of luck "embracing it".
Mike, I'll catch you in a few months for another big Swell loop if you are into it. But not in the snow.

JMH said:
Mike, I'll catch you in a few months for another big Swell loop if you are into it. But not in the snow.

Hey Jordan-

If by 'big' you meant 'stupid nasty brutally technical', count me in...:D

Can't believe no one has any beta on snow rides though...

Went hiking up around I Street this weekend, the entire shoreline trail is super packed, looked totally rideable. Studs might be nice though, some spots were pretty hardpacked/icy. I was thinking about giving it a shot this weekend if the skiing doesn't improve.
that is some serious looking meat on those tires. and i have to get the details...look like a single speed cog on the front wheel ... am I crazy? do you swap front/rear wheels? is that even possible? so many trails get super packed around here - I have no current info, but all that corner canyon stuff seems like it would be prime ( it was in the fall when we got our first snows ) Stuff does tend to get icy with the melt-freeze. Can't you find better riding (and better air quality) around GJ ?
There's some riding in Round Valley up in Park City. They groom the trails for XC skiing and they bike pretty nice too. Actually, many of the non-resort trails are used by xc skiiers and might be rideable with a snowbike. I know Round Valley is rideable, but it's not a huge trail like you're looking for, more of a trail system. Anyway, give White Pine Touring a call up in Park City, they rent Pugsleys (not your Moots, btw: wow!), and I know they're out all season long riding at least a bit so they should have an idea of what is/is not possible.
Oh, and I just thought that if you're looking for sledneck areas, there are piles around. Check out the Uinta Mountains mirror lake highway and Guardsman pass. Both are roads in the summer and sled paths in the winter, and both have some potential to take you to long rides. Though I'm not sure about trails or conditions or even if you'd want to ride those whoop-filled sled roads.
Embracing it in the North

May as well enjoy it. It was a tough slog to get those skinny tires up to this point, but, somewhere in the Midwest is a Fedex truck carrying a Pugsley with my name on it. Should have it built up in a couple weeks.


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