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Ellsworth Truth, Front Derailleur Woes (XTR 971)

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so I'm building up a 06 Large Truth...I'm running Sram XO triggers, XO rear Derailleur, K24's, Truvativ Noir cranks, a GXP bottom bracket, then comes the 971 XTR Front Derailleur...and all the problems

I installed the GXP with out any spacers, the cranks go on great, the rear derailleur and shifters are all installed with no issues....but the front derailleur....I can't get it to align far enough away from the frame to give clearance for the chain....I didn't think bike building was rocket science...but obviously I'm mistaken....I read the directions from them again...and i'm still at a loss...anyone else have any ideas where I could look...or has anyone else had problems with running a XTR 971 front D on a truth frame? or do I possibly have a bum derailleur?

i'm about to bin it and buy a X-9 and call it a day...the whole bike is together except the front derailleur...I want to ride...any help is greatly appreciated

*update* all figured out...I guess it pays to see it in color pictures
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SFD732 said:
I didn't think bike building was rocket science...any help is greatly appreciated
One word: Ellbeeeyeesssss. There are few relationships I value more. Very few.

What is your auto mechanic's hourly rate, like $95? I love my bikes WAY more than my cars. If you find the right ones, LBS guys are way underpaid for advice and help they give. Plus you already know you share a similar passion.
I do my own work on my car, hence, the hourly rate is free...and I've never had any issues with any of the work i've done, full radio installs, VR6 and 1.8T swaps into VW's....suspension and turbo upgrades on subaru's....clutches, tranny's...etc...etc...clutches, tires, brakes, sprockets, chains, etc...on motorcycles...i'm a DIY kinda person...and I thought fully capable based on my experience with other areas...but I guess bikes are a different kinda thing

I'm well aware my LBS can help me out...I guess without seeing the bike there really isn't any help anyone can give....thanks anyways
I ran an XTR front derailleur on my Truth and now have one on my Moment. In both cases the set-up and functionality were fine. What do you mean when you say you "...can't get it to align far enough away from the frame to give clearance for the chain"?
leave it to the new kid to screw everything up....after going onto locating their picture installation of a front derailleur...I found it much easier...I must not have read the little pamphlet that came with the derailleur well enough...all the intial adjustments are made on the small chain ring..not the, what a difference that makes in the ease of adjustability....thanks for the reply's folks...its nice to see people still willing to help a new'b
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