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So it seems like there are a lot of questions about what front triangles can be mated to what rear triangles as such lately. I will ask my version of this question here but also try to bring in some information from other threads and further discussions with Ells soon!

Ok, I have a moment, 2008 version I believe. Will post some riding pictures soon with a small summary. I have been curious to know whether anyone has transferred over an ID, truth or Epiphany rear end to the Moment? Why would I do this you might ask.

Well I am thinking that a slightly lighter rear end with shorter travel would help lighten the bike up a small fraction. Also by having a slightly shorter rear end would help with handling (not that the moment is bad!). I assume the BB would drop slightly as well. I am thinking I could get something like 5.25-5.5 inches of travel, drop the BB to about 13.5" and with a 140-150mm fork I would get something like a 67 degree HA (65 right now).

Anyway, just wanted some thoughts and will try to pull all this info together on swapping parts!
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