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The Ride and What You Put Inside
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles and Infinit Nutrition join the six-race season-long Mountain Bike festival
Davis, WV--Granny Gear Productions is delighted to welcome Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles and Infinit Nutrition as new sponsors of the Suzuki 24 Hour National Point Series. Granny Gear's unique 24-hour team relay format challenged and then changed the popular perception of what mountain bike racing is all about. Part festival, part suffer-fest, and all teamwork, the sense of fun and community embodied in the series is ensuring the future of mountain biking by holding true to its roots.

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles and Infinit Nutrition, who have joined the party with three-year contracts, are category leaders in their own respective areas.

Laird Knight, CEO of Granny Gear Productions, says: "It's all about the fit. If the product isn't relevant to mountain bikers, the sponsorship isn't going to work for anyone. I like to represent companies who have long-standing commitments to product quality and customer service. I'm very proud to have created partnerships with both Ellsworth Bicycles and Infinit Nutrition. With these two companies, we've got the best machine and the best fuel for the motors that will be riding them. How perfect is that?"

"It's the Superbowl of cycling," says Tony Ellsworth, founder and CEO of Ellsworth Bicycles, about the Suzuki 24 Hour Series. "Competitors and fans of all levels and interests converging on the venues for the pure love of mountain biking. You really have to be there to know what it means. This is the future of mountain biking."

At this party, it's usually BYOB - bring your own bike - but Ellsworth Bicycles will bring a line-up of their own race-specific steeds that racers can borrow for test rides. Tony Ellsworth announced plans to sponsor a "most improved lap" competition--displaying this sponsor's commitment to help all riders succeed, not just the big names of endurance racing.

Keeping the tanks full of high-performance fuel is the goal of Infinit Nutrition's association with the Suzuki 24 Hour Series. Just as Granny Gear's events challenge the concept of mountain bike racing, Infinit's unique and highly customizable energy replacement drinks also break the mold. "Being able to individually tailor the amounts of electrolytes and calories and even the flavor of the product to the athlete's own taste and physiological needs gives the Infinit user a huge advantage in a dynamic, testing environment like the Suzuki 24s", says Folan.

Being part of such a passionate community implies a commitment to both give and receive. For as much as Ellsworth and Infinit receive product feedback from their association with the Suzuki 24 Hour Series, they will also give generously of their R&D expertise. "We really want to give something to these events and their fans," says Infinit's Folan. To that end, he plans not only product sampling at the races, but "something unique" at the Infinit expo tent that riders and fans will have to attend to find out and experience for themselves.

"Granny Gear's 24's are very cool events-they are unique, cutting-edge and really push the envelope of an athlete's endurance. But mostly, they are fun to be a part of. It reminds me of the early days of triathlon racing, where everyone was encouraged by the community of racers to do their best," says Folan.

Similarly, Mountain Bike pioneer Joe Murray was reminded of the spirit of the early days of mountain biking when he attended his first Granny Gear race, in Moab in 1996.... "Joe's remarks made me very proud and hopeful. I've always believed that sportsmanship, comradery and fun were the hallmarks of this sport and it was very satisfying to know that was the experience that folks were getting from our events," said Knight.

This collective effort from the riders of the series will also serve to test and develop the bicycles and components Ellsworth crafts, such as the Truth frameset, a work-in-progress for over 15 years. The mainstay cross-country racing bike of the Ellsworth line, the full-suspension Truth, utilizes Ellsworth's proprietary, nearly 100% efficient, Instant Center Tracking suspension technology, which is perfectly suited to the rigors of 24-hour racing and is "one of the most popular high-end frames used by non-sponsored riders at Granny Gear 24-hour events," according to Paul Verdile, Ellsworth National Sales Manager.

In the end, both Infinit and Ellsworth say that it's the good time that the Suzuki 24 Hour Series represents that drew them in and keeps them involved. "Granny Gear's events came well-recommended from several of the elite athletes we work with," says Folan. "But it's my own experience with these races that made me want to become involved. And, you'll see me at most of the series races this year - who'd give up the chance to do business and have an absolute blast at the same time?"


About Ellsworth Bikes
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles is a designer and manufacturer of the highest quality mountain, road and recreational bicycles. Headquartered in San Diego, Ellsworth manufactures frames in Vancouver, WA, is known for its craftsman-style approach to bike design and manufacturing, and is the holder of multiple design patents. To learn more about how Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes is poised for growth in 2008, visit Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes at www.ellsworthbikes.comAbout Infinit Nutrition
INFINIT Nutrition provides athletes with a custom-blended nutrition solution for training and racing. INFINIT provides a platform for each athlete to create their own ideal formulation matched to their unique needs by adjusting calories, electrolyte, flavor levels and adding protein or caffeine. This eliminates the need for gels, food and salt pills. INFINIT Nutrition is the simple solution for athletes to fuel their training and racing goals and goes beyond the one-blend-fits-all products.
visit INFINIT Nutrition's website at www.infinitnutrition.com

About Granny Gear Productions
Granny Gear Productions, a sports marketing and event production company, has earned a reputation as mountain biking's most innovative and successful event organizer. With more than 26 years as a mountain bike race promoter, Granny Gear President and CEO, Laird Knight, created the 24-hour racing format in 1991. In 2001, Knight became West Virginia Tourism's Person-of-the-Year and in 2002, Knight was inducted into The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

In 2000, GGP created its unprecedented and unrivaled RealTime(tm) Scoring System, that tracks every rider and every lap, posting results for every team in real-time on the web. www.grannygear.com

Top photo: Lemans-style Start - ©Dan Campbell
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