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Been looking for a kit to upgrade my Elixirs to the Goodridge or another mfg braided hose kit and had a few questions from those who know, didn't find any posts that cover the Elixirs braided kits conversion;

1) Does the late model Juicy 7's use the same threaded interface at the lever body? Goodridge does not specifically list the Elixir on their website as being a compatible brake system with their kits.

2) Do the Goodridge hoses use a rigid teflon liner? Or is it just a braided cover over the same old plastic hose.

3) Can I reuse any of my old fittings to make the upgrade or do I need Goodridge fittings?

4) I notice no one crimps hoses on any more, anyone know where I can source crimp sleeves for the hose ends and the anvil?

5) Any one else other than Goodridge make a decent hose kit for the Elixir brake system? I am not interested in "appearance" kits that just cover the original hose with a braided sleeve.

6) Last time I put a set of braided brake hoses on a vehicle was a race car and the clear protector sleeves turned yellow very quickly from UV exposure, do the clear sleeves for the Goodridge turn yellow or should I just install the black ones and avoid them.

7) If the Juicy 7 brakes are similar (I think they are) can I just buy a Juicy kit for my Elixirs?


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deoreo said:
The Elixirs use a different fixed hose fitting at the caliper end than the Juicy brakes - it threads into the red swivel on the caliper:

I just had to put a longer rear hose on my Elixir CR Mag's - only option right now is Avid Elixir hoses.
Goodridge makes an adapter kit that will work for braided lines on Elixirs now. I'm trying to remember the kit#... #111, #113? It should be easy enough to find.

Good luck,
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