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Element L.O.

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Hi All,

I've been looking for a FS frame to build up for my wife. She is long over due for a new bike. The geometry of the Element L.O. looks about right for her. I found this Element frame on eBay. Seller claims this is a 2008 frame but neither RM's site or even BikePedia shows this color scheme. Can anyone confirm that this is in fact a 2008 Element L.O. frame?

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It looks like a 2008 frame with the 50 type carbon stay. It does note that it is custom paint so it looks like the GM Silver paint colour that Rocky uses. It must be a LO frame as the standard 15" Element frame has a 54cm TT and this was is spec'd at 53cm which is the same as the 2009 LO version.

The ebay frame claims to have a 68mm BB shell which is unusual as most RM's are 73mm. There's little advantage in narrower BB shells as the current external bearing cranks don't offer a narrower Q version.
Thanks for the quick reply Rocky.

I missed the line about the custom paint. I'll ask the seller about the BB shell too.

I have a "coupon" with eBay right now that will bring the price down to about $740. I'm not familar enough with RM frames to know if this is a fair deal. Care to share your opinion for the price?
The list price on a 2009 Element 70 frame only is $1999 CDN.
So, $2000 CDN is about $1740 USD right now. They want $740 for it, so they have it priced at 58% less than list. That doesn't seem too bad to me, but again, I'm unfamilar with these frames.
The ebay seller is probably the biggest Rocky dealer on ebay for clearouts and is probably the largest volume rocky dealer for the high-end models in the usa., second would be Nomade2000 which is Bicyclette de Hull and probably the biggest volume dealer in canada. Both do the "buy clearouts, strip apart and list on ebay" routine very well. BDH prices the framesets much higher for the BIN auctions though. Rocky Mountain Cyclery is much lower in prices and they will in fact ship to canada (I asked them previously). Sometimes the frame auctions go damn low (like $200 or less on elements and vertex models).
Based on that feedback then, I think I'll have to be patient and keep watching for some of these to be listed as auctions instead of BIN.
I tried getting one of these for my wife as well. I lost both auctions by a dollar. I gave up and ended up buying her a 2008 Brodie Mettle on clearance.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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