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Elderly Man Completes 60 @ Sixty Epic

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It took spot-on logistics, a sterling support crew, and a take-no-prisoners ride pace, but my dream of riding 60 miles of prime PNW trail in a single day became a reality on July 23rd.

Supported by 14 friends who handled everything from pacing to wrenching to shuttling, I covered 63.6 miles of singletrack that included approximately 7,000 feet of climbing.

We were on the Ape Canyon trail at 4:55 a.m. and rode across the Plains of Abraham, through the washes on the north side, and back to the start point in 2:47. Total was 15.5 miles.

We dropped over to the west side of St. Helens and hit Blue Lake to Red Rock Pass to the Kalama Horse Camp. It took us 1:24 to cover 8.8 miles.

It was 11:25 a.m. when we got started at the Curley Creek trailhead at Lewis River. The temp was rising and the interval climbing took a toll on all of us. We covered the 22.2 mile out-and-back to the Lower Falls in 3:57.

Falls Creek was last on the list. It was about 85 at the Oldman Pass parking lot but cooled down when we got under the canopy. I was feeling a little fatigued as we climbed to the top, but our entire crew put the hammer down on the last 10-11 miles. We reached the bottom at 6:36 p.m., covering the 17.1 final leg in 2:09.

Ryan McMaster, Lance Brigman, and Dave LeMonds also completed all four legs.

Ten photos at the bottom of the post at I'll try to put a vid together by the end of the week.
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That is awesome! Thats a day in the saddle, great pics too. I'm heading down there next weekend.
Nice job; That first leg must have been a bit taxing to start off with.
Amazing ride. Hard core, and great photos. Are you going to do it again?
Great job... but I am offended by the referral to 60 as being elderly...
Was thinking the same thing! Still, an awesome ride, and great pics. Makes me want to hit that ride now!
therooster said:
Great job... but I am offended by the referral to 60 as being elderly...
Yeah, most of us achieve elderly a heck of a lot younger than that. :D
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