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Elbow Loop Photos

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The one picture thread was getting large as ferday mentioned so I figured I'd break them out into separate threads. So if you have any pictures you want to add, go ahead.

Elbow Loop - a 45km evening ride:

The Motolite and the Coiler ready to go

Dave and Ryan enjoying some of the 18km of fireroad climbing

Some scenery

More fireroad climbing...not overly exciting other than the views here and there

I always have to force myself to look around and enjoy the views

Near the top of all of the climbing...super fast and moderately sketchy descent upcoming (no photos though, I was going too fast to take was a 60km/h+ descent)

Partway through the fast, flowy singletrack section...with just enough loose rock in parts to make it exciting (not pictured)

I think it's obvious this was posed (and going the wrong way) but it's the only way I can get any pictures of myself!
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Easy ride imho but the views are spectacular.:thumbsup:
I have always done it the opposite way around with the steep climb up...........I perfer to get the climb out of the way quickly.

Got to get back to AB for some more riding.
Yeah, it's pretty easy. Only the distance gives it a bit of a challenge. I think it's more fun counterclockwise because you get to descend on singletrack rather than fireroad.
Well it has been awhile since I rode it 97' but if my memory serves me right, I thought most of the trail was double track.....:eek: :p ....I don't remember alot of single track????
And when you say," Descend down single track rather then road," I have no idea what your talking about. Unless they changed the trail abit over the years........???
Do alot of people ride in around there? I see alot of your pics on here and Pinkbike and it makes me envious. Theres lots of trails where I live but sadly, no one to ride with. I think I may head up that way on a bike trip see if theres anyone that would show a few trails, ride new terrain, keep me some company ect. and if theres aggressive wildlife, hopefully I'me with someone slower than me :D , I'me getting a litttle edgy up here in the Great North, I've been chased by too many types of critters and barely escaped in one piece, my ticker (loungs for that matter) can only keep pace for a few miles before I run outta steam, my only saving grace is that it still seems to be enough to keep ahead :thumbsup: .
I have almost the exact same photos as the 2nd last and 3rd last pics (the ones with the valley and the stream). It really is a picturesque location. Pictured is the rear view of the stream and if you panned left, you'd see a mountain range RIGHT in front of you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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