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Elbow / Arm pads that stay put?

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I have race race arm pads - We just do agressive XC with lots of rocks, log rides and a few small drops but not exclusively down hill stuff. Anyway, at the end of the ride coming down a very fast rocky fire road I lost traction and went down hard at speed. As I slid to a halt the pad just moved up my arm and I am left with some very nice rash. Are there any pads that stay still better than others? The race face ones I use are like a sock and have velcro fasteners but not hook and loop. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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I've had great results with Rockgardn products over the years. I just picked up a new upper suit and it has their elbow/ arm guards included as a removable item. They have been working great, the quality is top notch, and the customer service from Rockgardn is great. Not much more to ask for IMO.
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