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Nothing better than being woken up at 7 a.m. to subfreezing temperatures and two truckloads of local meth fiends racing around, cranking the radio, and going nuts for half an hour.

I think Saturday's head count was 26-30 in three groups. Lots of very fast people, lots of not-so-fast people. Good times.

Great to see so many faces again, and sorry if I didn't remember you by name. I'm getting old and forgetful. :rolleyes:

Sunday, for those who were curious, involved Squaw Spring trail (my secret favorite route off the mountain) and Toll Road trail (lots of route finding, not entirely rideable). A splinter group of three hit East Mountain, but there was a metric assload of deadfall that stopped the big bike boys. There was a small second run of a couple guys who had come up just for the Sunday ride, and I think they hit Six Shooter for the first time.

There will be different, and hopefully better, shuttle procedures in place next time. Speaking of next time, I think it's gonna have to be in the fall if I'm going to be the organizer. But I don't own the mountain (even if I act like I do sometimes), so I hope y'all will head back up there yourselves sometime before it gets too hot. Like it will in the next 15 days.



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