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El Padrino and El Comandante on Website

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Check out for the two new 29ers.

The blue Padrino is gorgeous.

In the specs, the fork rake is incorrectly marked as fork length on the diagram (the PDF file is correct).

I'm interested in the slacker HA for the hardtails compared to the FS Capitan. Care to comment on this Sherwood.

By the way, Sherwood..we've been waiting 9 months for your ride report/conclusions on the 29ers. You said you would do it some day. I'm interested in your thoughts as an engineer, designer, and a rider who now has quite a bit of time on these bikes.

Anything else in the 29er pipeline?

Maybe over the Christmas holidays.
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I had a look yesterday and I'm wondering why the top wishbone on the rear stays looks like it is cnc'ed versus the shaped aluminium tubing used on my 20 inch El Commandante?
16 and 18 inch 29er hardtails get the yoke, 20 and larger get the boom tube like on yours.

13 inch hardtails get the yoke, and 16 and larger get the boom on our 26er frames.
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