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I've been trying to find a decent full suspension frame since my dream of getting the Sette Flite is out of the window since the Flite is only available in small and Sette is generating new models to come out in the future. For now, I have the opportunity to grab an El Kaboing for my full suspension build. I'm curious how you users like your ride, how long you've had it, how badly you beat it up, any problems you've had, etc.

The only thing I really question is the whole Scandium thing, mostly because when I called this bike shop selling it, the dude said over the years a few users have come back with cracks in the frame, and indicated that Scandium has a tendency to get brittle after a few years. But I was thinking in the back of my head - doesn't Steel and Aluminum have the same risks? Not to mention I'm willing to bet these frames are mostly Aluminum with some Scandium added in...

Anyway, I'm curious what you guys have to say about these frames/bikes, how you enjoy it, any problems or comments you've had, etc.

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