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El Ciclon vs FTM...Thoughts

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Both the Ventana El Ciclon & Titus FTM are for sale on some pretty deep discounts, but I really don't know much on either. I understand with the FTM you will inherit a company that is is barely alive, but still seems like a nice bike. The Ventana seems like kind of an older suspension design, but older sometimes doesn't mean worse. Thanks
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I read a blurb in the February MB Action about Titus closing up shop. It said they had officially shut down and were in the process of liquidating assets. If I were you, I would take a very cautious approach to buying a Titus bike, as there is no word about warranty support or replacement parts.
There is no comparison! Look at all of the threads about broken FTMs. Look at the mentioning of lateral FLEX.

Ventana bikes are hand-made and finished in shop in the USA. The linkage actuated single pivot is proven and reliable and STIFF. The bike will be active climbing and descending. I have a Terremoto and love it.
+1 with what characterzero said. Don't underestimate the value of a lateraly stiff frame. Also, I like the geometry of the El Ciclon over the FTM.
The Guapo is actually a much better bike. With a 140/150mm fork, it steepens up the HTA but also the slacker STA. If not the Guapo, I'd steer away from the FTM. I know a few people that bought them and dumped them shortly after. I have no info to give about Ventana.
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