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Egregious Example Of Truly Awful Bike ‘Journalism/copy’ EVAR

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I thought this was hilarious, it made me literally cringe.
(see what I did there? Heh)

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Christ… that article sounds like it was written by a 13 year old who’s first language isn’t English. I only made it half way through.
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I was considering a Tallboy for a future purchase, but I’m only 5’ 9”. I guess I’ll scratch that one off my list.

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rideit, bravo on your own high cringe score for the fragrant thread title you squeezed out here.

He’s a Romanian-born auto enthusiast who claims no writing prowess. And he lives in Phoenix for fuxsake, not exactly the literary vortex of the nation. …who’s… 😆

What’s your excuse?
Article seems fine to me, not any different then other sites that post bike stuff that do not specialize in bikes. Thread title does need some help, that is definitely atrocious.
That is bad, almost like a bot took a little information (mostly pricing) and combined it with a bunch of generic fluff to create an article that doesn't work. "the smorgasbord of groupsets"
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