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Saw this on the Crank Brothers' site:
"Will the pedals wear on my carbon-fiber soled shoes?
Normally the wings of the pedal don't put a large amount of pressure on the bottom of the shoe. However, with enough use, or with worn cleats, the bars will wear slightly into the bottom of any shoe. Carbon fiber soles can show this wear sooner because carbon fiber shows scratching easily. We are resolving this by developing a large shim that will protect the sole from possible wear."

I have had this happen to a pair of shoes already. The pedal wing, along the bottom side of the cleat, dug in until it broke my sole. Crank Brothers' seems to be acknowledging this problem. I have noticed the tell-tale wear forming on my new shoes. Then, I saw these on Ebay:

Seem like a good idea and for @ 8 bucks, I might just try them while Crank Brothers' develops their shim.

What are your thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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