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anyone else do this? I figure that many of you have. I also figure that its not covered under warranty.

Can anyone offer any info regarding rebuilding and cost to do so...or should I just sh!tcan them and buy some Times?

Thanks for any advice.


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It happened to me and the store replaced them on warranty, notwithstanding that that were about a year old.
I haven't broken that part of a candy, but have sheared the spindle off and had no trouble getting them warranteed. I should note that the entire warranty procedure took under 5 days from the time I emailed pix of broken spindle to the day I got the replacement pedals. I had no reciept and they didn't even ask how long I had had them.
Send them an email with those pix and follow up with a phone call, it can't hurt.

I am very happy to hear that! I like their other products, and everyone else seems to like these pedals (I hope mine was a fluke).

I have emailed them the info.
Not Candys, but eggs....

I broke two pairs of eggbeater "C" models last year. In one, I broke one side of the wing, in the other failure, I ripped the entire wing off. They replaced them the first time no problems. After the first failure, I picked up a used set of eggbeater "S" models for $25 to use while my pedals were sent out. After I received my replacement pedals, I took the "S" models back off. A few short months later and my replacement "C's" were broken again. This time I didn't bother to send them back, I just threw on the "S'es" and have been happily riding ever since.

After doing some research, I have found a lot of people have had problems with the low-end eggbeaters. The higher end "S" pedals do not seem to have this problem. BTW, I ride a rigid 29'er fairly hard, weight 180 # and ride 3-4X a week all year round.
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I had a set of eggs' over a year old that starting clicking a little in one pedal. I called Crank Brothers and told them what was going on and they immediately sent out new spindles with a rebuild kit. No receipt, not questions. They were absolutely fantastic to deal with.

I have egg's on 4 bikes!
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