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messed up my hub screwing on a track hub with a gear that i really shouldn't be riding so now I need a new wheel. Fine. I was gonna have it built but after all the posts by Mike T I'd feel like half a man if I didn't build my own now. My Monocog has been my practice bike for every other type of bike maintenance so it's time to step it up. I'm currently using an Alex Rim dh29 that came with the Monocog It is still good after 2 seasons so maybe that's a reference on how i ride and what rims would be better than that.

I'm going to use a Surly New hub with the freewheel threads on both sides and I'm thinking black 32 hole. I now need to find rims.

I'm205 lbs,
Single speed rigid bike. No extreme drops but i'll bunnyhop or get air over a hill no doubt.

- I need a 29er rim for V brakes.
- Not super heavy but not weight weenie.
- Inexpensive. uhhh.... How about Cheap.

Any advise about spokes is cool too but the rim is pretty much what I need a little help on. I've found a deal on a WTB dual duty FR 29 and XC 29 but I haven't found a lot of info on them.
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