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Edge AM rims Indy9 hubs

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These are a new set of wheels that Troy at Ligero Wheelworks built. Rims weigh 400g, and are their all mountain rim, 32mm wide and super strong and stiff. Indy 9 hubs with DT racheting 10mm skewer rear and 15mm axle front. They are going on my Mojo SL with talas. Should be good wheelset for durabuilty, stiffness and weight. Front is 700g rear is 900g. They are replacing a set of stan 355ztr and american classic hubs, weight is the same.

Troy bulids some amazing wheels and truely stands behind is work. This is the third set of wheels I have bought from him. When people on this board say go with hand builts of off the shelf they are so right. Why not get the spokes, rims and hubs to match your riding.



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Why? Why would you want "AM" wheels that are composite? I mean an XC racing wheel is one thing because the farthest you have to walk is to the end of the loop...

Personally, I would prefer an alloy rim that at least only bends when I ding it, especially when I am on a long trail ride (the "ALL" in "AM"). I don't get it but, fair play to ya, those are some light wheels.

Have a nice walk home...
Why, call edge and get a education on the strength of these wheels before saying they will fail before alloy rims. I can tell you these rims will not fail before a alloy wheel, so I am not to worried about walking home.

But thanks for the concern, and good tidings.....
Nice wheels mang! Super stealthy.

Im diggin the carbon rims as well but dont think ill ever spend the $$ for em.

do you have any close up shots of the rim?
Nice wheels man :thumbsup: ...Duke of Earl makes me laugh.....He's a big bundle of positive energy! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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