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I currently ride an Ogre with the following build:

  • Fork - Salsa Enabler, 135mm spacing
  • Front wheel - Velocity Blunt 35, Hope singlespeed hub (135mm bolt-on), 29x3.0 Fat-B-Nimble tire
  • Rear wheel - Velocity Blunt 35, Shimano Alfine 8 sp., 29x3.0 Fat-B-Nimble tire
  • Velo Orange Dajia drop bar

I thought the Ogre would keep me happy, but I'm REALLY liking the 29+ tires. Clearance for the tire in the front fork is fine, but it is VERY tight in the back, to the point that the hub is very far back in the dropouts and I still get some rubbing if the wheel is not perfectly true. It was mostly an experiment to see what I would like.

To solve the clearance issue, I thought the natural progression might be to the ECR frame (swapping my Enabler fork), then I started reading that the BB spec on the ECR makes smaller tire selections hard due to pedal strike (like if I were to throw a set of 2.5" Extraterrestrials on). I have bike A.D.D., so I like to have options.

Chances are excellent that I will never take a 29x3 tire off this bike. If I do, it would be to run something like the ETs for a trip where I plan to see more pavement than gravel or trail. I'm just wondering how real is the pedal strike issue, or is it theoretical? Most of my use of the Ogre and likely an ECR would be equal 1/3rds - gravel, trail, pavement. It may become my primary trail rig, since my full squish Ventana gets little attention these days and may get cannibalized for a different build.

The attraction to the ECR is that everything on the Ogre, including fork, is a direct swap. I considered a KramPug approach with a Pugsley frame, but the wheels are already built and doubt I could offset them as required by the Pugsley frame/fork...or is it worth rebuilding them, since it seems that a Pugsley can do just about everything (fat bike, 29+, 29er, 27.5"; fat or thinner tires; trail, gravel/pavement touring, etc.) without BB height concerns?

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