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Ebike trail access in the Charlotte area?

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After riding mountain bikes for almost 30 years I am now considering getting a light pedal assist bike due to a newly diagnosed heart condition.

The trails I regularly ride are Sherman Branch, Fisher Farm, North Meck Park, Mezzepa and Lake Norman State Park. Does anyone know if light (class 1) pedal assist/eBikes are kosher on these trails?

I'm not trying to start a debate, just looking for some info since the laws are vague.
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I believe all NC state parks allow ebikes where regular bikes are permitted. So, Lake James is a yes. I can't speak to the others, but if they are county, city, or private, you can ask the land manager directly.

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Thanks for your feedback! I know Lake Normal State park is good as well. But I'm not sure about the smaller trail networks near me. I will approach it trail by trail and contact the appropriate people. Still holding onto my regular bike for now.
Pretty sure all but Sherman is listed as a yes for E-bikes. That being said last time I was out at sherman I got buzzed by at least half a dozen ebikes. You can check out all the Charlotte Trails here:

Since it looks like you are up in the North End go stop by the Cycle Path, in Davidson, and Talk to Mark the owner he is a big proponent of E-bikes and I am sure can fill you in on what to ride and where as can the guys at the Huntersville Spirited Cyclist.
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