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EBB War - Forward Components Universal vs Tr!ckstuff Exzentriker

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I'm trying to decide between these two:

First, has anyone tried the newest iteration of Forward Components version - the Universal model?

Both the TrIckstar and FC seem to get overall positive reviews. So from a performance perspective (color and weight not considered), is the Exzentriker worth the extra dough? Why or why not?
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my votes on the forward components if and when the newest square taper version this spring
I'm running the Exzentriker which is working good, I have no experience from the FC. It is no rocket science so if you just care about functionality I guess the FC is as good performance vice but for less money. For the Exzentriker you will need a special tool to mount the cups and that is about 15 Euros...

If you consider weight the Exzentriker (at 216g) were a bit lighter then the first FC version.
I have the Forward Components EBB. I have had it for a couple months and have yet to use it but the design looks really clean and well thought out. It also requires a special tool but FC includes it in the package.
If you're still looking for a FC EBB, hit me up. I have one that I was using on a project bike only to find out the frame was cracked part way through the build.
I've used an Excentriker for getting on for two years now and it's always done the job for me - I've had no problems with slipping or creaking etc. Expensive for what it is though, even though I bought direct and got the fitting tool thrown in for free.

If I was buying now though I'd get the FC one - it seems to be a bit better engineered and probably more durable also. It wasn't available when I was buying - it was the Excentriker or nothing.
ive used the forward comp. ebb for a few months now and am loving it. i didnt tighten down the set screws enough and it slipped on me up a hill at first but since then no issues. i highly recomend it.
and it looks awesome!
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