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Ok so i was browsing ebay the other day and came across:

Now in the listing it says that the bike a 2004...

Its obviously not a 2004 (check trek's website), doesn't have IS disc mounts like the 2003-2005 9.8's, and has the paint scheme of a 2000 trek 9.8 if i'm not mistaken..

So i emailed him and asked why he listed it as a 2004...

"It was bought in 2004". He then goes on to say how they're exactly the same.. which isn't the case at all.

Then i find out that he had bought an airborne in January and all the parts off that are on this old 9.8 frame and he's trying to pass it off as new. Basically email this guy telling him he's a tool and a loser..

Basically email him saying:
Can you expalain why the bike you boguht in Jan28th 2005 has the same parts you have on the trek??
If the bike was is a 2004 or was even bought in 2004 then how do explain how the parts off that 2003 used airborne ( are on your bike?
Are you trying to scam someone?? This bike is obviously not a 2004 because I can see on Treks website that it is painted differnly, has different parts, and the fame is different.

Feel free to have fun with this loser who makes buying stuff on ebay even more sketchy for new people..
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