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"Your new SRAM shifter features an "Easy Cable Change" port " :rolleyes:

As if :madmax: :madmax: :madman:

I know, it's not state of the art, but I finally had to change my shift cables today after 5 yrs of faithful service, everyday riding and at least 20,000 mi on the original cables/ housing on my SRAM X7/X9's.

"Just remove your easy cable change port and insert new cable" :madman: :madman:

The cable "seemed" to feed in properly, but as soon as I went to shift, everything bound up.

I had to open up the housing, find out the cable had missed the socket, and in the process, learn how to reset the indexes,and rebuild a front shifter.

I'm still working on figuring out how to get the little visual 1-9 shifter index scale to work, but at least my bike is finally shifting crisply.

Moral of the story...Don't use the easy cable change port !!

Do it the old fashioned way and open up the the housing :thumbsup:
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