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Easton vs Raceface

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I'm looking at upgrading my stem, handlebar and seatpost. Any opinions on these. Is 1 more durable than the other? They seem to be pretty close in weight but the Raceface stuff is a little cheaper right now. Thanks for any input. BTW my wife wants to get me something for Christmas so I thought this would be nice.
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I should add I'm looking at the easton ea70 stuff and the evolve xc stuff.
They're both decent for stems and bars IMHO.

Jenson has EA70 stems for $19 and EA70 riser bars for $30:

The RF Evolve AM stem is pretty stiff, but I haven't tried the Evolve XC stuff.

As for seatposts, I don't care for the setback of the Eastons. and can't say one way or another on RF, but with that said, as cheap as I am, I would still do whatever I could to go with a Thomson seatpost.

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Do you want all of it to match? If so the EA stuff is decently priced and will last so I'd go with that personally. I've used Easton stuff on my HT XC bike for about 2 years now and it's all still good to go.
Thanks for the input guys.
I, too, like Thomson seat posts: when you set the seat angle with the two bolts, it stays set. At least some of the Easton posts seem to have a somewhat similar mechanism.
I'm rolling an Evolve XC 31.8 stem w/ Evolve DH riser bar, and the stem is stiffer than the bar! I'm using a brand-x post right now, but the RF posts i've looked at make me drool.
+1 for race face , stem and seatpost deus xc and evolve xc for crank ...
They share comparable fit, finish, and quality. Well, the finish part would go to Easton imo. Some of my RF stuff looks like the silk-screening was a tad off, but I didn't mind too much.

So, given a choice between the two... I would go where the deals are. :thumbsup:

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