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east river cycling association - first official meeting

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for anyone in the southern West Virginia or western Virginia areas . . .

there shall be the first official meeting of the East River Cycling Association (ERCA) at Applebee's in Bluefield, VA on January 4th @ 7 PM. anyone interested in attending should email [email protected] or leave a reply here so that we will know how many people to expect for seating purposes. we will be discussing officers, logos, goals for the upcoming year, membership dues and some other start up stuff. all are welcome and encouraged to attend.
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Hey pstaff
anybody show last night ?
I ll be up for helping on some of the local trails as time permits .
keep me posted and i ll spread the word south/east of ya
Sorry i dont facebook/i m oldschool like that !
10-12 people there, very good for a first meeting. send an email to [email protected] and we can keep you up to date on everything we are doing.
mtbbc, any new news on round mountain?
Not really new but they (National Forest)have flagged alot of trails that gives a general idea of where they will be . I was told by them about a month ago that they would start moving dirt early spring,but dont get too excited ,thats what they told me the previous year! Some good news is that the guy they have given the project to is a mtbr and has ridden numerous trails and is open to reasonable suggestions.Also working on some other things this way but nothing to report yet.

IF YOU or ANYONE ELSE interested :a small group of us are going Tuesday 1/12/2010
to ride at Westwood Park in MT Airy NC ,about 55 minutes from Bland
Weather forcast 45 degrees !! I rode there on New Years Day and the trails were in gr8 shape.Leaving Bland about 10 ish
Thanks for the info. If they need any volunteer help you know where to find us.

The Next ERCA (East River Cycling Association) meeting will be on Monday February 8th at 7PM at Charlatte of America.
If anyone interested in attending needs directions let us know.
Hey Guys
Be sure we all respond to the New River Gorge Trails (WVa) comments for their trials.This came from IMBA and also info on this VA/WV forum.Spread the word,We gotta show support to get support ! more trails i say ,more trails !!
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