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Eagles Nest Ride

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Hi ya gang, I rode eagles nest today, trail is in great shape, just watch for LOGGING trucks and equipment..... I have to say, zipping through the trees is one of the things I liked best of that trail, now they are cutting all those nice trees down.:madmax: It was such a beautiful day, all that carnage only dampened my spirit for a sec, as soon as I started rolling again, the smile came back quik.
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Patrick - No pics??? :eek:

BTW: The guys did a great job on the Coiler, kudos to you all at George's Meridian.
I took a couple.....

but I am a complete computer idiot, trying to figure out how to post them. I am glad we could help you out on the coiler. We all thank you!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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