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E150 forks loosing pressure after service

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Hi. I have a problem with my E150 forks losing air through the travel adjust dial - I can actually see the air bubbling out mixed with some oil from under the black dial. The thing is that I just sent these away for service a few weeks ago, and then had the lowers replaced by my LBS straight after that, when I noticed a crack at the pinchbolt. So I didn't ride the bike inbetween the service and the lowers replacement. I hadn't ever needed to pump up the pressure before the service.

So now I am not sure who I should contact. I can't see how replacing the lowers could have caused this, so I'm inclined to go back to the people who serviced the forks. Does anyone have any advice on this, and also on what could be the cause of the problem? I expect that the warranty isn't valid anymore as it's been a year and a half since I had them serviced by Specialized.

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Take it back to whoever did the service and have them try again. They failed to replace an important o-ring or two or if they did, they used the wrong size.
Hi. Thanks for the help. I just talked to the guy that serviced the forks and he reckons the travel adjust has failed and needs replacing. I'm going to check on my warranty. Could the travel adjust cause the problem i'm having?
I think the 2mm x 13mm ID inside the smaller camber on the shaft is bad or the plastic piston that holds the 2.2mm x 22mm o-ring might be cracked.
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