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Ok folks. my Trek liquid is heading out and I'll be picking up my new to me '05 Slayer Frame/shock next week.

Here's my question.

I currently run 1x9 (36t Salsa ring up front and 11-34 out back). On the trek this required me to run the e13 single ring system.

Anyone run one on their Slayers? Any "Gotchas?" I know the dropped stay may cause a bit of an issue but likely less so than the dropped stay on the Liquid.

Here's the spec that I'll be swapping onto the Slayer...
Weirwolf 2.3 out back and 2.5 up front.
Sherman Flick
Fox Talas RL rear
Answer Protapers
Race Face Diablous 50mm stem
ODI Ruffians
1x9 with XT Cranks XT rear der
Crank Bros Eggs and wellgo flats
e13 SRS
Hayes Nine's with Bonz Levers (8" front and rear)
FSA ORBIT headset
WTB Camo Pure V


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Just checked the e13 site, they have a fit chart, funny enough they have other RM models but not the Slayer, wonder why... But it does fit the Switch, so I think it should fit the Slayer, I think, but don't hold me to it. It won't hurt to try.
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