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E100 -- Stages 2, 4 Ride Report

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Hope all of you gents that did the 12 hours of PC had fun. It was a HOT day. Congrats on a good effort.

We rode stages 2 and 4 this morning. GREAT ride. No wildlife sightings, but the wildflowers were stellar.

Stage 2 -- all good up to Shadow Lake. Small snow bank in the pines above the lake, a couple of downed trees and some big smiles. All good over to Tour de Suds. As we headed up Tour De Suds there were a few downed trees.

***Once we crossed over the paved road heading toward the top of Team Big Bear we encountered major development/destroyed trail. If you're not familiar with the area, it could get confusing! Over in the Flagstaff Loops there are some trail closure signs and some logs placed in the trail. If you try to head down Team Big Bear, there are some other major areas of development/trail destruction. We just turned around here rather than try and navigate the jungle of bulldozed earth.

Stage 4 -- obviously we didn't do the initial climb up from Silver Lake. We rode the Flagstaff Loops (despite what was noted above, everything was rideable). Then we headed back across the paved road and down TG2. Couldn't wipe the grin off. There were a few downed trees, but the trail was great! Everything was clear all the way back to PCMR and the end of Stage 4.

Boris, if you're out there, I assume you already have a plan for re-routing or whatever to navigate these areas where the trail has been wiped out. If, by chance, you haven't been up there, you need to get up there and assess the situation. It's going to take some work!

Happy Trails!
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Sneak Peek

A few photos from stages 2 and 4...except for one nice diversion on the Flagstaff Loop.


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Nice. Can't wait. Hope Boris is able to find some nice re-routes where the development has encroached. PC trails organization is pretty good at requiring developers to make those new trails/reroutes so maybe that will all be in place by then.

PS. Nice job clearing those log step ups. I know that spot..... and it's harder than it looks IIRC.
Due to the construction in Deer Valley, Park City and The Canyons... Boris, Jim and I went out and spent the day GPS'ing the new routes! I can tell you this...they are going to be SWEET!! Boris took us out on the new (or actually very old, hidden, secrect stash) of Bow Hunter.... This is some incredibly narrow singletrack, and the views make it hard to keep your eye on the trail....this is what Mountain Biking is all about!!

I will be posting the new maps as soon as Boris signs off on them...should be today!! So get out and ride!!

See everyone in 14 Days!!

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